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About Us


At House of Colour, we are celebrators of individuality and curators of confidence! It is our mission to help our clients build a lasting, easy to manage, sustainable wardrobe that not only looks great and provides confidence, but also represents each client's authentic self.

We celebrate the pioneers in our company who had the revolutionary idea 35+ years ago that people look their best and feel their most confident as their unique selves. This guiding principle has allowed House of Colour to transition from an idea to a global brand.

And we're just getting started.

We Believe...

We believe finding the colors that help you look your best and feel your most confident is based on scientific analysis, not following the latest trend.

We believe learning about who someone is and how they want to be perceived are fundamental factors in determining the clothing style that makes someone feel most empowered.

We believe in our planet and helping our clients make sustainable choices by buying clothing that they love and will want to keep.

We believe in celebrating the individual in each of us and creating a comfortable, safe space where each client leaves their appointment feeling confident and like their most authentic self.

We believe in combining the wisdom that our 35+ years in business have given us with the knowledge new experiences and new decades bring.

We believe in the power of community, supporting each other, and the strength in using empathy and compassion in business.

And, as always, we believe adding color makes life more magical.


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