A Little bit About Us

Fashion is important, but true style is personal to you. House of Colour can help you to look fabulous and radiate confidence in the colors and shapes that suit you as an individual. Let’s face it, you know when you look amazing.

Your face lights up, your eyes sparkle and everyone pays you compliments. Actually, that’s the real you. We can make you feel amazing every single day.

The secret to looking good in everything you wear

Get ready for the compliments. Color analysis takes your natural coloring and equips you with the knowledge and confidence to look fabulous – effortlessly, every single day.

"What color suits me"

You know that color?

The one that lights up your face and makes you look gorgeously vibrant and healthy? A HoC color consultation will give you a whole spectrum of them – a season of colors that naturally harmonise with your unique skin tone and eye color.

And then we’ll take it further. Your color consultant will find the `wow’ colors within your season, those with the most impact for you personally. We won’t have to convince you. You’ll see the difference for yourself, instantly – a rainbow of colors that match perfectly with you.

  • You’ll look fresher, younger, with a naturally radiant glow.
  • You’ll feel more confident, alive to new possibilities. You’ll just know that you look great.
  • Getting dressed in the morning becomes quick and easy.
  • Shopping will be a breeze. No more wasting money on the “bargain” you never wear.
  • Your whole wardrobe will be coordinated . Mix and match, it’s guaranteed to go together.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to throw out all your clothes and make-up. We can help you make small changes to look and feel amazing with what you already have. What’s more, we’ll never tell you what to do. Learning at your own pace, you’ll gain life-changing color expertise that gives you confidence from the outside in. Then follow up with the other part of the jigsaw……



Have you ever stood in front of your packed wardrobe thinking “I’ve nothing to wear”? Do you waste countless hours shopping for clothes, worrying that the latest fashion isn’t really… you?


In just one stress-free, enjoyable day House of Colour can stop you feeling lost and confused about your wardrobe. You’ll leave with the confident, life-changing ability to know exactly which clothes make you look fabulous – just you, the person you are now.

Ideally, you’ll be building on the revelation of HoC color analysis. But this class is an eye-opener on its own. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Your own personal style. The shapes that flatter your body, affordable styles that capture your personality. After all, none of us are supermodels and we all have a clothes budget.
  • You’ll learn the language of clothes – the confident ability to express your individuality and send the right messages through a range of styles and looks.
  • Creating a capsule wardrobe. Effortless style, fewer clothes. Getting dressed in the morning will be a joy.
  • How to spend wisely. Never again will you waste money on that ill-advised “bargain”.
  • The secrets of buying and wearing accessories. Using key pieces to make a style statement that’s entirely your own.

House of Colour personal styling classes take place all over the world. They’re small, friendly and very relaxed. And they’re run by the most thoroughly trained, highly qualified personal stylists.