The Significance of Getting Dressed

Posted January 17, 2024

The Significance of Getting Dressed

When I was planning my wedding, I teased my future mother-in-law for her intense dress-shopping process. She bought and returned over a dozen different gowns trying to find something with a suitable color and fit. “Karen!” I chided- “You’ve tried on more dresses for this event than me, and I’m the bride!”  

Looking back, I see that I missed the meaning behind her quest for the perfect mother-of-the-groom dress. Not only was her first child getting married, but she also faced the day alone, as a widow, missing her husband and wishing he was beside her. What she wore would be seen by hundreds of people, their eyes on her as she danced with her son. To Karen that day represented the tremendous work of a single mother, the fruit of raising a wonderful man, and her joy in seeing him become a husband.  

What we wear matters. Our clothing supports us as we glide through special occasions with grace and confidence. Alternatively, an ill-fitting or poorly chosen garment can spoil otherwise fun events. How wonderful it would have been if someone had stepped in earlier and helped Karen find the right dress. She could have saved frustrating hours scrolling online, taking returns to the post office, and deliberating in front of a mirror. Guidance would have freed Karen up to better enjoy the wedding planning process.

House of Colour stylists are expertly trained and passionate about helping their clients show up to life as the best version of themselves. Instead of looking fabulous at ONE event, a client like Karen can take their stylist's advice and apply it EVERY time they get dressed. 

This transformational process starts by booking a color analysis, during which a House of Colour stylist will follow a scientific process to unveil your best palette of colors. They will then teach you how to use that information when selecting clothing, hair color, and accessories. This 1–2-hour analysis can be done individually or in a group and includes a makeup application, where clients see how certain makeup colors highlight their natural beauty.  

A style appointment takes the process further: unlocking another set of resources to guide you in choosing silhouettes, fabrics, prints, and details that suit your body architecture and reflect your personality.  

Both sessions equip clients with tools and resources to easily build a wardrobe that coordinates and reflects the client’s lifestyle and needs.  

Because of House of Colour, we can forever know the answer to the question we shout at one another from our dressing rooms or text from our closets before an event, asking: “Does this look good?”  

With a color and style analysis behind you, clients like Karen now have the assurance that the answer is a resounding "YES!" 

- Ally Van Iten, CEO of House of Colour USA, Former Owner of House of Colour Des Moines