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Here are Helen Venables’ 5 best ways to be bold with color

  1. Use color to look vibrant and radiant, this includes the neutrals that suit you. When you think color, think both contrast and combinations.
  2. It is true that once you know your colors, most of us need to do a spring clean of our wardrobes, but after that every piece should work effortlessly together meaning you can be more eco-friendly and don’t need an endless supply of new items. Instead boost your wardrobe with gorgeous accessories as the icing on the cake.
  3. We all have a color that we wished suited us, but we feel healthy and radiant when we are wearing the colors that best suit us.
  4. Primary red is the only color that suits every skin tone because it is neither yellow nor blue toned.
  5. Know that colors are thought to be over 60% responsible for our first impressions of one another. For those of us who are more conservative at work, use good quality neutrals for professional kudos. A pop of color can have the final say.