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Getting your colors done by House of Colour will give you a new found confidence. The eye loves harmony so when you surround yourself with the right colors from make-up, clothing and hair color…YOU show up – clearer, healthier, younger. Let me help you find your best colors so going shopping and getting ready will be much easier!

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    • My mom and I got our colors done together with Ashley and it was such a great experience!  She really explained things well and for the first time in my life I feel like I can make decisions when I shop! Before, I would find something I liked, saw that it came in 7 colors, couldn’t decide what to get and end up not buying anything.  Now I can select things with confidence and feel great getting dressed.  The 90 second makeup tutorial is exactly what I need as a mom of young kiddos, I feel put together without much effort.  I highly recommend doing this!!

      Lauren P

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