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Hi, I’m Chelsea!

Last year I began researching capsule wardrobes, but I noticed they were all centered around staple pieces and color palettes that didn’t feel or look like me. I kept digging until I found the answer. I found House of Colour! I love that House of Colour has helped give me the tools to create an effortless wardrobe that will look great and make me feel confident.

My studio has become my classroom where men and women discover the colors that work best for them. Color knowledge is so impactful and educating this information brings me joy. I can’t wait to work with you!

What our clients say

    • “Visiting Chelsea at her House of Colour studio was such a fun, not to mention eye-opening, experience. While Chelsea’s laidback and positive demeanor immediately made me feel at ease, her passion for helping me discover my “season” had me buzzing with excitement and anticipation throughout the consultation. Her in-depth knowledge and fluid explanations gave me a newfound perspective and confidence regarding my wardrobe and makeup. Getting my Colour analysis done by Chelsea has given me the courage to break out of my Colour comfort zone and supplied me with the tools and resources to put my best foot and face forward. I had such an enjoyable experience with Chelsea and highly recommend booking an appointment with her for your House of Colour consultation!”

      Alese N.

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