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After having my colors done, I literally thought that everyone needs to do this!

The experience of Color & Style Analysis changed everything about how I see myself and my wardrobe. What a gift! These experiences combined foster confidence and the freedom to be exactly who you have been created to be. You truly cannot understate how powerful this entire experience is!


Color Analysis is a transformative process used to discover your unique color palette and gives you the tools you need to wear color and celebrate yourself with confidence.

Style Analysis is an in-depth session that teaches you how to best honor your body architecture and personality with the styles of clothing that will naturally look better on you.

Both of these processes help you show up as your best and most authentic self. I would love the privilege of helping you make those discoveries!


“I feel so beautiful!” Rebecca Cash

“Thanks for all you do and making women feel special and beautiful!!! So thankful I came across House of Colour.” Jennifer LeFew

“I can’t wait to have time to go through my closet and start the journey of having a closet of my colors.” Sarah Croom

“This is so fun!” Carol Haddox

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