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I am passionate about empowering people, and I cannot wait to meet you!  Discovering my unique color palette and authentic style has been so life-giving.  Armed with the information I learned in my color and style analysis, I am able to present my best self wherever I am—in the classroom, at my son’s baseball game, or on a date with my husband.

I believe our services are for everyone no matter your life stage, gender, or shopping habits.  We are going to have so much fun, and you will leave with confidence and knowledge that will save you time and money!


At your color consultation we will use natural lighting and precision-dyed drapes to determine the colors that best harmonize with your skin tone.  Our process has been time-tested and is backed by color science.  Women will also receive recommendations on the best makeup tailored specifically to their color season.

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Your style consultation is the next piece of the puzzle in putting together your wardrobe.  I will be scheduling style appointments beginning in August.

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