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I can see you now…you’re searching through your closet trying to put together the perfect outfits for a trip with your girlfriends. You want to look your best, but nothing in your closet is right. You jump online and quickly overnight ship whatever appears to be the new “it” looks; not really knowing if it’s even right for you.


What if I told you there is another way?

A way to love the clothes that hang in your closet. When dressing becomes fun again and you are receiving more compliments than ever because you have finally discovered what you have been missing this whole time. THIS is House of Colour.

I am so thankful we have found each other. It is a priviledge to take you on this journey and discover your season and the “wow” colors that will highlight your unique colorings.

My name is Hannah Garber and among other things I am a “Winter”. The music industry brought me to Nashville over 20 years ago where I met my husband; we planted roots and started a family. Our family and our two kids are the apple of my eye!

Are you ready to discover a way to reveal your absolute best self?  My goal is to help guide you on this journey, ready to go?!

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