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I believe each of us has our own unique style which enables us to feel our most confident and comfortable.

When you find it, it’s like having a key to unlock your inherent, natural beauty; enabling your outside to reflect your inside. Having a House of Colour consultation is the perfect catalyst for this shift. For a color session, your eyes will sparkle and your skin glow (truly!) when we determine your color palette and find your specific WOW colors. For a style consultation, you will learn how your clothing personality can give you a blueprint for dressing more authentically “you”. Both of these can enable you to make better, more conscious choices so your closet will consist of items you genuinely love and will actually wear!

I have been obsessed with art, color, and fashion for as long as I can remember and have worked as an artist and designer in a variety of media for many years. While it’s been a creatively fulfilling journey, the most rewarding projects have always been the custom work I do honoring a client’s individual essence. With portraits in particular, I’ve had some magical, tearful sessions where the client seems to really see themselves, or see themselves in a new way. A House of Colour session engenders that same reaction in people but instead of looking at a portrait, they’re looking in the mirror and get to take their transformation with them wherever they go!

I work out of my colorful Los Angeles studio covered with bougainvillea and trumpet vines, a mile or so from the beach. Please contact me at heidi.damata@houseofcolour.com or call 415-760-5812.

I can’t wait to share the joy of color and style with you!  Get to know me by viewing my short video here.

What our clients say

    • Having Heidi Damata do my colors, and then complement it with my style analysis has been such a liberating and joyful experience. As a lover of clothes and fashion, I had an idea of the colors and designs that suited me, but Heidi took it the extra distance so that I truly understood what clothes would flatter me most, equipping me to purchase purposefully and with far less uncertainty. One of the things I appreciate most, is that since I know the clothes I choose will suit me for many years, I can afford to buy quality, sustainable garments. I don’t need a closet jam packed with the latest fashions, instead I can have a thoughtful wardrobe that coordinates within itself and that will stand the test of time. As a bonus, Heidi did a color consultation for my 13 year old daughter, and it’s truly empowered her to know what colors make her look and feel her best. It’s wonderful to know she’ll take this knowledge with her throughout her life. What a gift!

      -Alli S.

    • My whole outlook (and my wardrobe) changed when I got my colors done with Heidi! I’ve fully embraced my bright Spring palette and since then I receive several compliments EVERY day and it’s just SO fun! Love Heidi and her beautiful home and everything about the process!

      -Jennifer V.

    • I had sooooo much fun learning my about my best colors and style with Heidi! When else do you have a couple of hours spent talking with someone just about YOU? It was such a treat and so much more pleasant than therapy ;-). And since my sessions, I have taken what I learned to heart, cleaned out my closet, and transformed the palette of my wardrobe so that I feel more beautiful and confident in my clothes. I finally got rid of those pieces that I liked but for some reason, just never felt good in. Heidi helped me realize why. Bring on the blue and raspberry! Goodbye tangerine and chartreuse!

      -Kristen M.

    • Stepping into Heidi’s studio was like walking into a living masterpiece. Once she meticulously selected my unique color palette, draped me in the right fabrics and matched my makeup to consider my unique skin tone, I realized just how important her work is. How did I live half of my life without this critical information? I am forever changed by this experience, will fully embrace my vibrant autumn colors and cannot recommend Heidi or the process enough. This consult will change the way that you look at yourself and color forever.

      -Cara A.

    • After many years of just not getting it right, I decided to gift myself a color consultation with Heidi at House of Colour, and was I ever so glad that I did! Heidi discovered my best colors (she is so amazing that I could have hung out with her all day) and it has positively affected many aspects of my life since. This is truly a transformational process and since I began wearing my best colors I feel so much more confident about myself. Knowing my colors also saves time getting dressed every day and everything I chose makes a positive impact on my appearance – it is so EMPOWERING!!! The House of Colour Color Consultation with Heidi has proved to be one of the best investments I have ever made in myself and I am looking forward to booking my Clothing Personality Consult with her soon.

      -Jennifer D.K.

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