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Time and time again, I’m amazed at this process!  Not only do you instantly see just how incredible you can look in colors that bring out your natural beaty, but it makes shopping much simpler AND you will love walking into your closet and knowing that every piece of clothing will flatter you best.


I love making women and men feel confident getting dressed each morning, and I am excited to show up as the best version of themselves!

The greater part of my career as a professional has been in the fashion industry. I realized early on that I felt my gifts resided in helping women feel and look their best.  Being a consultant with House of Colour allows me to expand in this ideal even more! It gives me so much joy to be able to provide such life-changing services to men and women in my area. I’d love the opportunity to help you see yourself in your best light!


 During your color appointment, I will use natural lighting to test your skin’s reaction to different colors. I’ll use the combination of color science, thorough training, and precision-dyed fabric drapes to determine the group of colors that love you and make you look your best!

​You will also leave with recommendations for hair color, makeup, and jewelry to complete your look.  You can purchase your “season’s” best makeup on site during your appointment or at any time by contacting me or ordering from my ordering page. Discounts are available as a client for makeup.  Please contact me for my code!

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** Color appointments can only be done in person. To find a stylist near you, go to  Find a Stylist

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At your appointment, our goal is to give you an efficient way to get out the door while looking your best.  However, at House of Colour, we carry a full line of incredible makeup that is specially formulated so that once you have determined your season, you will know the exact eyeshadows, blush, lipstick, lip liner, eye liner, and mascara shades that will suit you best.  No more guessing!  We also carry a full line of foundations, powders, primer, blush, and more!

​You can purchase House of Colour makeup from my studio at your in-person consultation, by contacting me directly to order from my inventory, or by going straight to the HOC website! Just head to the “shop” tab to place your order here.

Email me for my consultant code to get 30% off your purchase! Jennifer.Traynor@houseofcolour.com





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