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When people ask what I do, I say “I change peoples’ lives… and I do it with COLOR.”  I help my clients celebrate their uniqueness. I increase peoples’ potential. Everyone deserves to know their WOW colors – and a House of Colour consultation will do that for you!

I believe I have the best job in the world because helping my clients unlock the mysteries of dressing & shopping never gets old.  When I started my House of Colour journey in early 2014, I never dreamed what an amazing adventure it would be. I experienced a personal transformation that was life changing, and helping others discover how to look and feel their best is even more satisfying! One of my favorite things is simplifying the lives of women with “90 Second Makeup”. Less is more when the COLORS are doing the work. A fun part of a personal color consultation is finding the PERFECT lipstick for YOU.

After extensive training at the House of Colour headquarters in London in 2014 for both COLOR and STYLE, I can now help you discover your WOW colors and style personality. Do you want to embark on a House of Colour journey with me? My home studio is in a sunny room in our historic home in Oakland, Nebraska. I also have satellite color studios in St. Louis, Houston, Dallas and Minneapolis.

I am thrilled to announce that I now have amazing Associates to help me with my client load – Erin Bass and Jodi Guill. We work closely together and they mirror the thorough service that I provide. You can find all of our contact information & how to book with us on my scheduling link at hockarenblancscheduling.com

Address: 315 N. Thomas Avenue, Oakland, NE 68045

What our clients say

    • Knowing my wow colors has made a big difference in my every day life. I don’t like to fuss. I just want to get out the door. Now I can throw on the right color, put on my wow lipstick and look put together in a flash. I get compliments from strangers. If I catch myself in a mirror, I do a double-take and smile!


    • Karen and I have been friends for many years so when she started this new venture, I agreed to let her “do her thing” with me.  After she determined that I was a “sprinter winter” and I began to shop for colors which fell into that pallete of colors.  I began to look at colors which I would have passed over before with fresh eyes.  One day I was having a conversation with a friend at church, and here is what she said. “Cathy, I just want to tell you that recently you have really been looking great.  I don’t know what it is but recently there has been something different.”  I told her that my friend, Karen, had just become a color consultant and I have been trying to dress accordingly. She then told me that her mother had gifted her with a color analysis when she was in high school and then gave her this tip. “Dress in the colors that work for your skin tone and use the other colors you love in other areas in your life, for example home decorating.” I loved that suggestion!


    • Shopping is a whole new experience for me now after our color consult. I only shop for colors which I NOW know look best on me. Not only on clothing, but shoes, socks and eye make up …. the whole package. In the long run it is saving me mega bucks because I buy less, but enjoy my wardrobe so much more with my WOW colors. No more browns for this Winter!! Thanks for all your help and plus the consult is a Fun experience!!


    • Oh! Thank you so much! I can’t tell you how amazing that experience was- I didn’t think I would cry, but I want you to know today is the first time I truly felt beautiful since my son was born- I gained so much weight trying to help my milk production so I could breastfeed my son. I’m proud that I did that for him, but I have felt tired, bloated, and just ugly. We made it a whole year nursing (Praise the Lord), but I feel like my body image paid a huge price. Thank you, a million times, thank you for doing this for me! The best birthday present!


    • Karen, you help clear the gunk off of people’s personal mirrors so that they can see their true beauty shining through


    • Dear Karen, First and foremost, an update on my color knowledge. In a word – obsessed. It’s truly changed my outlook on life. Not just shopping and fashion – but exercising, drinking more water, deepening my spirituality, making relationships a priority – everything. So, thank you. People have noticed. I feel more focused and in tune with myself. It seems silly to say all this because on the surface it seems to just be about clothes. But, like you said, it’s really about celebrating your true self. It’s like I put on that blush and lipstick and my eyes feel wider, my heart lighter. Again, thank you!


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