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I have been helping women look and feel their best the last nine years with a direct sales company. I love seeing the way women light up and stand a little taller knowing they look great. What I have discovered is that what I love most about my experience is customer service and interaction. My passion is making others feel confident, empowered and beautiful!

When I had my color analysis, I took my 13-year old daughter to have hers done too. She wears a school uniform every day, so unfortunately she doesn’t get a lot of choice in what she wears to school. However, knowing her colors has definitely helped her choose clothes she can wear in her free time more wisely. She also knows what colors will look great for school dance dresses, senior pictures, her first business suit and the perfect shade of white for a wedding (some day). This experience helped me to get more in touch with a younger generation and it was such a fun mother/daughter experience.

I want everyone who visits my studio to walk away feeling confident knowing what their best colors are and how to implement them into their life. Each client will know how to make the greatest impact with their new knowledge, have the tools to shop smarter and a plan of action to transition their wardrobe without breaking the bank.

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