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Because finding my own personal best colors was such a life changing experience, I knew I needed to ignite that confidence for other deserving women and bring HOC to rural Missouri!

In your appointment, you will discover what colors accent your God given beauty and how to apply a quick 90-second makeup routine. Not to mention the boost in confidence and ease knowning your color pallate brings to your daily life. I’m already looking forward to our appointment – email me with any questions!

What our clients say

    • Kylie made the appointment fun for our group of three! She took her time to ensure she found my correct season and what my WOW colors were! Not only was the color analysis part eye opening, but the 90 second makeup analysis was as well! Excited to start shaping my closet and makeup to my Autumn season!


    • Getting my colors done with Kylie quite literally changed my life. At first, I thought it would be a fun experience and help me pick out a few new cute outfits. What I didn’t expect, was a total transformation inside and out. Knowing my season feels a lot like regrounding to the person I was meant to be. I have so much more confidence in shopping and putting myself together. It’s so much more than the clothes… it’s confidence to live as the most authentic, cohesive, joyful version of yourself.


    • Kylie was so personable immediately upon welcoming me into her studio. She explained the process and science behind the colors so well. The confidence boost I was given by seeing myself in my season is indescribable.


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