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Have you ever wondered what are the best colors for you to wear?  Have you ever struggled finding the right shade of lipstick or blush?  Have you ever seen a cute outfit on someone only to buy it and then feel like it was not quite right for you?  If you answered yes to any of these scenarios, I can help you!

House of Colour is built on the foundation that we are all uniquely made and what looks wonderful on someone might not love another person back.  With our process backed by color theory, we can uncover 1/4 of the colors in the universe that compliment your unique features as well as help you have a clearer understanding of your own style.  This is not about telling you what the current trends are that you should follow but rather helping you weed through the colors and styles we find in the stores to choose the ones that are the best for you based on your coloring and personality.  You are beautifully made and I can’t wait to empower you to be uniquely you!

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