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Through Color Analysis, I help men and women nail their first impressions and present themselves with confidence & authority.  I spent over 20 years in the financial services industry recruiting and developing executive level talent.

I understand how important it is to show up to your work, an interview, the business trip, the meeting…YOUR LIFE…looking your best.  Color is a powerful tool that helps you communicate messages about yourself to others and can be a key differentiator in how you show up to the world.  It is my pleasure and honor to work with people who want to put their best foot forward, everyday…whether at work or home.

What our clients say

    • I knew I would enjoy this but it was so helpful in understanding how to combine colors and the types of clothing to buy for a pop of color.  It will make all the difference in my look!  The best part of the whole thing was how much fun it was!

      Beth H.

    • Very surprising and a very fun process.  I will definitely make sum clothing changes amd embrace more colors!

      Milton K.

    • Surprising and so worth it!  Really enjoyed the process and sharing this experience with a loved one was even more amazing!  Embrace your colors!

      Kim B

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