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My purpose in life is to empower you to embrace the beauty in yourself and others.  I use world renowned color theory and proven processes to identify the colors and styles that suit you so you can project the very best aspects of your appearance to the world.


I began my journey with House of Colour while on a business trip to London in 2006. I had a rewarding and stable career as a manager for a global corporation at the time and was just looking for a fun day out with a colleague. My day in the House of Colour studio was a life-changing experience for me.  Besides discovering the secrets about looking your best – that the warm, rich and earthy colors of Autumn made me look healthy and vibrant, and that Natural Classic clothing styles complimented my body and my lifestyle – I was also awakened to something I hadn’t been looking for…. a new and rewarding career.

My personal transformation after my House of Colour experience went far deeper than my appearance. I received a promotion and a raise, I felt confident about my personal style and appearance.  People around me kept asking what I had done to make all of this happen. I knew that my experience with House of Colour was the catalyst for my transformation. But most importantly, I also knew that I wanted to become a House of Colour consultant and help others discover how to look and feel their best.

I have had extensive training in London from House of Colour in 2010.  I am passionate about inspiring my clients and transforming their lives, just like it did for me. My studio is in a sunny room in my home in Bluffton, South Carolina. I can also host “POP UP STUDIOS” in your location.

Address: 13 Gregorie Neck, Bluffton, SC 29909 (home studio – by appointment only)

What our clients say

    • What an amazing experience! Colour and Style Analysis was a self-actualizing journey. I left my consultation with Wendy having a new perspective on myself. I was pleasantly surprised by the colours that work best for me and now have the courage to buy and wear colours and styles that I would have never tried before. I highly recommend Wendy and House of Colour – especially for professional women.

      Meredith -Philadelphia

    • Everyone wants to feel their best all the time, and this is what a consultation with Wendy provides. Knowing my colors (and my style soon!) gives me a focal point when it’s time to pull myself together and put my best “face” forward. It has been fun learning about my coloring, then going home and sorting through my closet to see how close I actually was with the choices I had previously made. I highly recommend this for everyone; it’s fun and informative and well worth the time and money. Get ready for compliments

      Laura – Martha’s Vineyard

    • Wendy – I have to tell you that meeting you and utilizing the services of House of Colour has literally changed my life. I have some work to do but to move forward with confidence and excitement makes the journey all the more precious. There are so many stories to share. It’s amazing that people see the inner and outer beauty when both are in harmony. So many people take notice and some are generous enough to stop me to say how beautiful I look. I know that it’s the combination of the colors and the spirit. Thank you so much. I have been blessed to come into the full knowledge of the power that lies within and beyond the skin. You cannot imagine how much fun Deb and I have supporting each other and just sharing our WOW moment compliments and opportunities. Wendy, you are so kind and generous and I am just honored to have spent the day with you.  Thank you so much

      Sharon – Boston

    • Wow! What a wonderful experience to do a colour analysis with Wendy. She brings her great combination of “science, art and psychology” to the process. In the consultation she explains the theory behind the colour analysis and the method she uses to find “your best colours” . This paired with the logical explanation of how this will help you look better, save time and even impact your professional career keeps the Left side of your brain satisfied. Then the actual colour discovery process is fun and fascinating, this is the art part. Along the way her positive and energetic personality helps you embrace your colours with confidence, this is the psychology part. The way I described it to some friends is ” it is a like your personal What not to Wear but without the nasty comments from Stacy and Clinton.

      Bea -Washington DC

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