Alyssa Kuhlman

I have always been drawn to aesthetics.  I love every kind of flower- the vibrant, bold ones and soft, whimsical ones.  I love art- my favorite art pieces are the works of my children that are currently decorating my living room.  However, when it came to my wardrobe, it was often colorless.  I had a desire to dress in clothes that felt authentically me and made me glow, but I had no idea where to start.  Then came House of Colour!  There is a "before color analysis" and "after color analysis" for me; it was truly life changing!  I felt empowered and confident to choose colors that complemented my own natural beauty!  And the compliments started pouring in, confirming that wearing the right colors really does make a huge difference!  A year later, everything came together as I learned about my style (clothing) personality in my style class!  My wow colors paired with my clothing personality felt like I was creating a work of art! 

As an elementary teacher of 12 years, I could easily see how I could use my gifts in teaching to help others feel confident and beautiful in their own skin through the gift of color! I am ecstatic to be joining House of Colour this year as a consultant! I will offer personalized color analysis consultations in my Lakeville studio by appointment.  I can also bring my studio to you for a pop-up party anywhere in the Twin Cities.  

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