Anne Wilke

I always knew that color can cause optical illusions but never thought about it in relation to my face. With the correct colors for our skin tone, we are able to look our best. Dressing is no longer a chore since my wardrobe is interchangeable. I spend less on clothes and wear everything I buy. Packing for trips got easier. I’m able to get out the door faster.

Becoming a color consultant is quite a departure for me. I spent 25 years in high tech, 15 of them as an executive. Since I left the business world I have been a part time high school and college math tutor. Recently, Karen asked if I would like to join the House of Colour team. It was literally an “AAHHA” moment for me. The House of Colour process to determine the personal color palette, which is based on scientific facts, I find fascinating. Helping clients find their “best self” through color is exciting and rewarding.

I currently offer Color Analysis Consultations which includes determining the right color palette for you, a wallet with your color swatches, House of Colour guidelines on how to best use your colors, identifying your WOW colors and a personalized “90 Second Makeup recommendation in the correct colors so you can look your best. My studio is located in Laguna Niguel, CA.