Deb Vogel

As a musician, most of my life has been spent working with harmony and how music can communicate mood and feelings.  Color has the same abilities.  Some of us can spend a great deal of time trying to harmonize the right shades of paint for the inside or outside of our homes.  Why?

The colors we surround ourselves with impact how we feel, and color also creates a first impressions on others.

Do the colors in your closet harmonize together?  Do they work with your skin undertones to create a flattering first impression?  A color analysis session is a real eye opener as to how the wrong colors can make us look older, paler, blotchy or more tired.  When clients see how the correct color palette can make them look younger by brightening and evening the skin tone, their closet becomes a playground of possibilities.

I am passionate about helping people find their best colors.  Who doesn’t want to experience the joy and confidence that comes from knowing you are putting your best foot forward by wearing the colors that make you stand out?  The House of Colour makeup line also takes the guess work out of choosing makeup that works best with your coloring, and the unique lipstick colors pull it all together for a great ‘wow’ look!

My studios are located in Sioux Falls, SD and Rock Valley, IA.

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