Heather Hope


I’m inspired to empower you, and help you see yourself in a new light. My aim is simple: help you cultivate confidence through color and style analysis.

I have a heart for serving others. There is nothing more rewarding than giving back and helping to build others up. I also understand the power of communication. We are always connecting with others through the ideas we convey and the way we present ourselves.


I discovered House of Colour after I had my 2nd child and celebrated my 40th birthday. (I'm now 45 and my babes are in elementary!) My body had changed after years of pregnancy, nursing, and sleep deprivation. I was blessed with two healthy and happy children, but I also had new bags beneath my eyes and a closet full of ill-fitting and outdated clothing. I was attempting a “DIY” wardrobe redo when House of Colour found me. My experience was so positive and powerful that I wanted to share it!

I realized that—despite a lifetime of dressing myself each day, and thousands of dollars spent on clothing—I really didn’t understand the best colors and shapes to suit my natural coloring, personality, and body architecture. That all changed, thanks to House of Colour.

I’m thrilled to share the proven and transformative House of Colour methodology with you in Denver. I’m inspired to empower you, and help you see yourself in a new light. Boosting your self-confidence and presenting yourself well provides tremendous value. This isn’t a luxury or a wasteful spend; there’s a personal and economic advantage to looking good and feeling great!


… both from Coco Chanel, of course!

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”


I see clients on weekdays. You can contact me directly at 720.400.1200 and heather.hope@houseofcolour.com, or visit my scheduling page to book immediately. While my schedule is often booked 4-6 weeks out, I promise this experience is well worth the wait!

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