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Heidi Damata

When you find it, it’s like having a key to unlock your inherent, natural beauty; enabling your outside to reflect your inside. Having a House of Colour consultation is the perfect catalyst for this shift. For a color session, your eyes will sparkle and your skin glow (truly!) when we determine your color palette and find your specific WOW colors. For a style consultation, you will learn how your clothing personality can give you a blueprint for dressing more authentically “you”. Both of these can enable you to make better, more conscious choices so your closet will consist of items you genuinely love and will actually wear!

I have been obsessed with art, color, and fashion for as long as I can remember and have worked as an artist and designer in a variety of media for many years. While it’s been a creatively fulfilling journey, the most rewarding projects have always been the custom work I do honoring a client’s individual essence. With portraits in particular, I’ve had some magical, tearful sessions where the client seems to really see themselves, or see themselves in a new way. A House of Colour session engenders that same reaction in people but instead of looking at a portrait, they’re looking in the mirror and get to take their transformation with them wherever they go!

I work out of my colorful Los Angeles studio covered with bougainvillea and trumpet vines, a mile or so from the beach. Please contact me at heidi.damata@houseofcolour.com or call 415-760-5812.

I can’t wait to share the joy of color and style with you!  Get to know me by viewing my short video here.