Jenny Modlin
Bath, NC
Expertly Trained Stylist & Color Analyst

Jenny Modlin

Bath, NC

Jenny Modlin

I can't wait to help you radiate confidence and joy as you build a colorful wardrobe!  My schedule is flexible so if you don't see a date that works for you, please send me a message to make arrangements!

Jenny Modlin

I believe we should all be living life in color! When I had my own color analysis, I was trying to solve the all too common problem of "a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear". So often I would be scrolling instagram and see my favorite blogger looking chic, leading me to click on the link and buy whatever she was promoting. Learning my color season was life-changing. Immediately after my appointment I changed the way I was shopping for clothes and now I look around and realize I'm choosing "my" colors in everything... Stanley included!  With some practice, I learned to spot  my very best colors and I have confidence in my shopping decisions. I want you to know that joy as well!

Join me in our Bath, NC studio where I can help you identify your best clothing and makeup colors. Bring a friend to make the experince even more fun! 

 What is a Color Analysis?

 A Personal Color Consultation is a 2-3 hour service designed to discover and 
celebrate an individual's unique self. Using principles of color science, House of Colour 
consultants use a 35+ year-old science-based Color Analysis process to discover a 
client's color season. Once we discover a client’s optimal color palette, we’ll show them 
how to wear their colors to build a customized, sustainable wardrobe as well as 
determine which colors are their 10/10 absolute showstoppers, which we refer to as 
WOW colors. Additionally, if a client is interested in makeup, we identify their signature 
blush and help them find the lip colors that match their new color palette. As a bonus, 
we show you the five simple products that help our clients get ready and look fabulous 
in 90 seconds!  


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