Kirsten Hilt
West Omaha, NE
Expertly Trained Stylist & Color Analyst

Kirsten Hilt

West Omaha, NE

Kirsten Hilt



Want to show up as the absolute best version of yourself? I will help you discover the colors that smooth your skin, whiten your teeth, brighten your eyes, and bring you into focus. We will work together to craft your most authentic personal style, including…

Kirsten Hilt

Visit our color and style studio in Omaha, Nebraska! We can accomodate private sessions as well as groups of 15+ using our large space. 

Located near 120th and Maple Street, we are close to shopping, restaurants, and major streets and interstates. 

Kirsten Hilt

Do you have a large group that wants to come together? Our team is ready to celebrate YOU! 

We have so much fun together, and are able to work together to see several people at once. 

Visit our team site at 

Kirsten Hilt

We have a fully stocked makeup bar that is ready to be played with! Reach out to find a time to come work with us to find your signature makeup look that is simple but transformational.

Kirsten Hilt

I specialize in celebrating your unique beauty! Let's find out together which colors make your skin glow and your features richer. Let's also discover your personal style - what pattern shapes and sizes, hem lines, neck lines, etc make you stand out as your authentically beautiful self.

Uncover Your Uniquely Authentic Beauty: Join Me in My Color and Style Studio!

Join me in my studio to reveal the best version of yourself! Through color analysis and style analysis, we will transform your view of yourself and help you shine!

Color Analysis: Come join me as we unveil the color palette that gives your skin a healthy glow, richens your hair, intensifies your eyes, and brightens your smile! A color analysis will help you see your natural beauty shine like never before. 

Style Analysis: Are you ready to level up your look and create your signature personal style? Through a style analysis session, we will combine your body architecture and personality to create a unique and authentic look that honors your body shape and communicates who you are. We will discover how much structure you need in your clothing, your best necklines, pant rises, and hemlines, the right size and shape for patterns and accessories, and so much more! Color analysis will change your closet, Style analysis will change your life!

Makeup: I would love to help you craft your signature makeup look using our season-specific makeup products! We will find your perfect shades of foundation, blush, mascara, and lip color and I will teach you techniques that ensure you are confident in applying them yourself. 

Location: 12310 Emmet St, Omaha, NE

Contact Information:

Phone: (402)-800-8271

Email address:

In my studio, you will see yourself in a whole new light! Book with me today to learn how to stand out as the best version of yourself.

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