Kristen Johnson

I have always been interested in fashion and beauty...I mean I want to look my best, who doesn't?  However, many times the tasks of picking out the right make-up colors or dressing to best represent myself felt daunting and overwhelming.  So often my decisions on what to buy or wear came from trends, what looked good on my friends (or influencers), or what was on sale rather than what was best suited for me. It felt wasteful to continuing buying more items that would fill up my make-up drawers and closet and still leave me feeling like I have nothing to wear or can't find the right lip color.

About 10 years ago, I discovered the concept of capsule wardrobing and began the journey of being intentional about what clothing and accessory purchases I was making to ensure that each purchase fit my lifestyle.  This led to helping many others clean out their closets and only have items they absolutely loved.  However, I still kept running into a problem with colors and styles.  Each capsule wardrobe seemed to either be full of neutrals or full of colors that didn't go together.  This is when I found House of Colour, the missing puzzle piece to my quest of buidling beautiful, functional, and interchangeable capsule wardrobes for myself and others.

Through House of Colour, I have learned which colors to use to flatter my natural coloring and I have identified the style that combines both my body type and personality.  Having this information has changed the way I shop, the way I present myself, and given me even more tools to help others do the same.  I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing the power of color with you!