Mandy Smith
South Shreveport, LA
Expertly Trained Stylist & Color Analyst

Mandy Smith

South Shreveport, LA

Mandy Smith



Seeing you confident is what I'm here for!  We'll curate confidence together by helping you understand which colors and clothes are best for the way you were uniquely created! 

You know the feeling when you cannot find ANYTHING to wear?!

    I think most of us have experienced that. I know it plagued me so much I decided black and white were going to be my uniform. That got boring pretty quickly and in 2022, I saw a friend talking about House of Colour analysis and immediately booked an appointment. I walked in thinking it would be just "something fun to do" but walked out with a whole new confidence. AND a BIG desire to put these tools into the hands of everyone I knew.

As a mom of 2, wife, business owner, wearer of many other hats, and constant decision fatigue, color & style analysis made an immediate HUGE difference in my life. Simplicity is bliss, y'all, but knowing your looking your best is something life-giving.

 Your own life-giving experience awaits!!! I cannot wait to see you in studio.

 Use my booking link to find an appoint me that fits you, or shoot me a message and we'll find something together!

Looking forward to it!!


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