Sammie Schaefer

Color is everywhere in our lives. Color can make us feel - excited, calm, anxious, peaceful, energized, and so on. They have vibrational energy and can create discord or harmony. But do you know how to make color work for you? Did you know the colors you wear can make you look tired, over-worked, or maybe even ill? Color influences how we feel AND how we look. But here’s the kicker: responses to color differ for each person. We naturally feel and look younger and healthier in the colors that are suited for us, and our skin tone shows us the way. How are the colors in your closet reacting to your skin undertone? With the correct colors, like magic, we look younger and brighter, and lines and bags lighten or disappear. It can even out skin coloring and give a natural glow! It's amazing! Once we find your colors, wearing the correct makeup shades is also a breeze. The same goes for your wardrobe. Too much in your closet but nothing to wear? Instead of buying more, buy better. Some have said it’s life-changing. Finding your color palette simplifies your wardrobe and defining your style aligns your entire look, head to toe.

Color and style pull a look together, but I know a person’s inner spark is what puts it over the top. I’m naturally good at “getting” people and seeking out the best in them. I love seeing or helping find a person’s unique spark. Some sparks are front and center, some are not so obvious, some are there but need to remember how to shine after being hidden. My goal is to seek out a person’s best, and like a gentle mirror, show it to them and let that spark speak for itself. I find your best ingredients and show them back to you in a way you may have never seen for yourself. My favorite experience is seeing a person light up when they see who they really are and are ready to show it to the world. Finding what makes you YOU is what fulfills me; I use my expertise in color and style to do that.

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