Tina Myers

I realized the colors I had been wearing were making me look (and feel) tired, washed out, and needless to say, less than my best. I had believed what the mirror had been telling me for years, "You are tired, boring, and simply not very pretty."

Seeing myself in my "WOW" colors helped me embrace who God created me to be and shake off all those negative thoughts I had about my appearance. I am so thankful for that experience and the color knowledge that has literally transformed how I feel about myself. After extensive training at the House of Colour headquarters in London, I am delighted to help others discover their "WOW" colors as well, to enjoy their God-given uniqueness and beauty. It is so much fun! We all must dress ourselves, why not wear colors that make YOU shine and feel great about yourself?

I would enjoy having you in my home studio on our acreage located right outside Norfolk, Nebraska. Let me help you discover what colors make you look and feel your personal best. You are so worth it!

I will be offering Style Classes as well as Closet Makeovers in March, 2019.