What our wonderful Clients say
about us

  • I had such a great time at my color consultation a few weeks ago. I learned SO much, and can’t wait to implement all of this new information over the next months. I’ve already noticed that knowing my colors makes shopping so much easier. So much less deliberating which color to get and so easy to say “no” to items that won’t be right! Thanks Nicole.

    Audra – Shoreline, WA

  • I just had my color consultation with Nicole two weeks ago and had the best experience. I was not expecting to learn so much about color science, it was fascinating and helped me to understand the reasoning behind my season rather than just blindly following color recommendations. I am not overstating when I say this appointment improved my life. It has been fun to do some shopping both in my own closet as well as for new items in colors I hadn’t considered in the past. I feel great in everything I put on and all of my clothing tends to go together now that I know my season. I had such a blast and I cannot wait to go back to see Nicole for a style consultation!

    Chelsea – Snoqualmie, WA

  • Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVED getting my colors done. I’ve wanted to do this since middle school when I first heard about it and I’m so thankful I finally did.
    Louise is absolutely amazing. She’s a true professional and a great teacher. She showed me not only what my colors are but WHY they work. I feel like I got a bonus art lesson during my session. This was totally worth the investment. Can’t wait for my next “class” on style.

    Shannen, Lakeside, CA

  • Absolutely loved the experience! I did a color consultation as well as a style consultation and it was the best investment in myself yet! I have always struggled with figuring out my “wow” colors, what types of clothes fit my body shape, and how to dress post-college … but not anymore!
    Louise is truly amazing! Our session feels like a very informative chat with a friend, with lots of laughs and extremely valuable tips! Thank you so much for everything!

    Betty, La Jolla, CA

  • This was such a fun and insightful experience to go through with my mom! Louise has a way of helping you through a paradigm shift to recognize what isn’t working and what makes you look amazing! My mom and I use our palettes to shop together and talk about style. I am now noticing items in my closet that aren’t doing me any favors. I have a better understanding of how to look my best in person and on Zoom as a result of this experience. It’s so liberating to make choices based on my strengths and say “I can rock this color” because Lousie led me to see it for myself! The cosmetics are great, too, and plan to purchase more. It’s all fun, low pressure, and Louise has helped both me and my mom glow!

    Mary Beth, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

  • The color analysis is something everyone should do as soon as they possibly can. You do it once and then you know exactly which colors you should choose for the rest of your life. It pays for itself many times over by allowing you to not waste money on clothes that you shouldn’t be buying. You will also feel a huge confidence boost knowing that the colors you’re wearing look amazing on you. The style analysis will help you get very specific about the clothes that you would feel and look best in. With that information, you can go to the store and buy the best clothes every time. I wish I’d done this when I was in high school. I can’t believe how much value this has added to my life and will continue to add for the rest of my life. If you are looking to improve your wardrobe, this is the best possible place you can start. You will be so glad you decided to give it a go. On top of that, Louise is excellent at what she does, has a vibrant personality and truly cares about your results. Thank you for everything, Louise!

    Brian, San Diego, CA

  • I first had my colors done by Color Me Beautiful a long time ago and I was told I was a yellow-based Spring. More recently I had my colors done via iPhone photos and email, and as you may know, iPhone colors are not exactly accurate. This second stylist told me I was a cool smoky summer pallet, but I was skeptical. I longed for my corals and warm reds. I found Louise Hall at The House of Color through the Internet and decided to go see her at her studio La Jolla for a consultation. After we talked, it became clear to me that having your colors done via the Internet was close to impossible- my intuition was right. I made an appointment with Louise and we got to work with the first decision of whether I was warm or cool. It’s such a fun process! She spent lots of time with me going back and forth with the fabric samples until I really saw the difference between the warm and the cool pallets and what worked for my skin tones. At first it’s hard to tell… but once you start seeing it, it’s kind of amazing, almost magical! Louise was so patient and really took her time with me. We came to the conclusion that my almost 40-year-old assessment of spring coloring was indeed true. If you are at all considering having your colors done I suggest you do it! Some of the best money I’ve ever spent on myself. Lastly we picked an amazing bright lipstick that I probably never would have chosen without her guidance. I could not recommend this experience more.

    Le Anne, San Diego, CA

  • What a fun visit to House of Colour La Jolla!! Louise was so fun, friendly and knowledgeable! I’ve always wanted a color analysis and I’m so glad I finally did it!! I thought I was a winter but after spending a lovely morning with Louise, we discovered that I’m an autumn!! I’m excited to be shopping for the right colors that I know will look best on me! And to have the right “lippy” colors is a beautiful bonus!!! Thank you, Louise!!

    Judy, Santee, CA

  • Just finished my online style consultation and am so excited by my results from Louise. Such a fascinating journey she takes you on. From taking your body proportions, lifestyle and personality into your closet and finding out why certain pieces/trends work for you and why some don’t. I feel so liberated to be editing my closet of what doesn’t work without thinking twice. I am also excited to shop and know I’ll be able to find pieces quickly that I will love and will work with what’s already in my closet. Thank you Louise and House of Color La Jolla for helping me find my personal style and cut through all the noise out there!

    Nicole, Seattle, WA