What our wonderful Clients say
about us

  • Heather is amazing to work with! Her color consult really helped me make some minor changes that make me feel energetic and beautiful on the inside and outside! I know which colors to look for in clothing and how to jazz up my makeup to magnify my beauty. Thank you Heather! – Jenny Reynolds

    Heather is a wonderful and talented person who helps me feel my best! – Sara King

    My consultation with Heather Hope accessing my colors and style, was absolutely wonderful and life changing! Heather is so fantastic at what she does, and it was so much fun doing it! I now know which colors look best on me, and know what style looks and feels best on me as well!! – Kim Polk

    I learned how to express myself through my unique clothing personality and how to celebrate my body architecture rather than fight it. Getting dressed as of late has been so fun!! Incredible lifelong knowledge. Paired with knowing my seasonal color palette (also House of Colour service) I highly recommend!

    Ashley Greenhaw

  • I met with Alise for a color analysis and was so happy with the results, I booked a style consult one month later! I don’t particularly enjoy clothes shopping. The appointment was invaluable, as I learned which colors and styles are better suited for me. Alise is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. The investment in the appt. will pay for itself quickly. Smarter choices with clothing, jewelry and accessories. Less wasted time shopping & second guessing. Wish I had done this years ago!

    Deb R., Ladera Ranch

  • Both my husband and I had color appointments with Alise. She was very detailed, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and her passion was evident. My husband’s bright blue spring season was quite a revelation for both of us. Alise was very patient with him, as he was a bit more challenged in watching his transformation. My winter season was absolutely spot on! At a later date, I booked an appointment for style. I absolutely loved the process! So informative and educational. Cannot say enough of what a pleasurable experience this was! It’s an investment in yourself and your future!

    Joy S., San Diego

  • Awesome! Seriously “life changing”…..in a wonderful, fun way! Having my colors and then my style done by Alise at House of Colour San Diego, Mission Hills was an unexpected extraordinary experience. Before Alise I often felt shopping was like being lost in a jungle. Since finding out that I’m a “Vibrant Autumn” and “Natural Classic”, shopping for clothes, jewelry, shoes, accessories and make-up has become fun and fruitful. I feel a new confidence in my appearance, and my personal and professional style (previously non-existent) are now emerging. I keep my color wallet and style booklet handy at all times. Working with Alise is a pleasure. She’s professional, knowledgeable, talented and generous with her time and support. Thank you Alise! I highly recommend Alise and House of Colour San Diego, Mission Hills.

    Alicia M., San Diego

  • “Thank you so much for the fun House of Colour experience! I have been going through my wardrobe and it has given me added confidence in knowing what works really well and what isnt working.”

    A client of Sara

  • “Thank you soooooo very much!!! That was so fun and telling… who knew that I had a style. Like I said earlier, I feel like I just read my horoscope… and it made sense!!”

    A client of Sara

  • I had such a great time at my color consultation a few weeks ago. I learned SO much, and can’t wait to implement all of this new information over the next months. I’ve already noticed that knowing my colors makes shopping so much easier. So much less deliberating which color to get and so easy to say “no” to items that won’t be right! Thanks Nicole.

    Audra – Shoreline, WA

  • I just had my color consultation with Nicole two weeks ago and had the best experience. I was not expecting to learn so much about color science, it was fascinating and helped me to understand the reasoning behind my season rather than just blindly following color recommendations. I am not overstating when I say this appointment improved my life. It has been fun to do some shopping both in my own closet as well as for new items in colors I hadn’t considered in the past. I feel great in everything I put on and all of my clothing tends to go together now that I know my season. I had such a blast and I cannot wait to go back to see Nicole for a style consultation!

    Chelsea – Snoqualmie, WA

  • Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVED getting my colors done. I’ve wanted to do this since middle school when I first heard about it and I’m so thankful I finally did.
    Louise is absolutely amazing. She’s a true professional and a great teacher. She showed me not only what my colors are but WHY they work. I feel like I got a bonus art lesson during my session. This was totally worth the investment. Can’t wait for my next “class” on style.

    Shannen, Lakeside, CA