What our wonderful Clients say
about us

  • Thank you for an incredible day! We absolutely loved getting to know you, and thought the world of the experience.




  • I love knowing my colors. I spend so much less money on clothes, and I like how I feel in the ones I have so much more.


    Bethany, St. Paul, MN

  • I love feeling knowledgeable and empowered (and not wasting money). Thank you!


    Jen, Saint Paul, MN

  • Totally surpising results that will change how I think about my clothing choices from now on!



  • I loved Morgan’s personality, she was warm and engaging. She gave me the best makeup application and colors.


  • Next time I shop I’ll definitely think about what colors compliment me.



  • It was great – so fun to watch my friend in her best color.



  • Thanks to Melany’s excitement about helping people look their best in their colors and shapes and her committed investment in the House of Colour’s color and style analysis training, I now have a wardrobe of retirement clothes that I enjoy wearing each day. I started with the color analysis to understand why my previous color analysis under a different system seemed to leave out colors that I thought looked good and gave me some I did not think looked good. House of Colour’s Paint Box Spring sub-type makes me very happy with my neutrals and bright colors. It also makes me happy to see my friend and sister who were in the color class with me look radiant just by wearing a top in their wow spring colors and have more confidence and interest in choosing clothes. I was originally only interested in the color analysis, but Melany’s testimony as to what the right style does for body confidence led me to do the style analysis as well. It was enlightening because I had been looking at the wrong body shape when I was trying to understand what clothes to wear. I really needed someone who could give me an objective look at my body and help understanding what hips really mean. Also, I also came to realize that I was trying to dress classically because I “should” rather than what fits my body and personality. Natural Gamine is much more fun for me!  Even for someone who has never been close to being a fashionista, the analysis with Melany was very worthwhile.  I may not need a lot of outfits, but now know that each piece I add will be something that works for me.




    Melany was warm and welcoming. She explained the color analysis process so that I could easily understand how easy it was to look and feel my best every day. I feel like the person in the mirror finally matches the person inside. This was hands down the best money I have ever spent on myself!