Makeup by color season

Having makeup colors that complement your skin tone makes all the difference.

House of Colour offers an exceptional line of mineral-based makeup, made in the USA, and never tested on animals.

Your color analysis includes a makeup consultation using natural lighting in our studios. We find the perfect foundation, blush and mascara for you. We also find your perfect lipstick colors. Many clients say that discovering lipstick colors that they love is one of their favorite parts of a color session. The night lipstick will light up your whole face!

Our ONLINE WEB SHOP is a convenient way to purchase cosmetics online. You can shop by season or category. If you are a client be sure to add your consultant’s STYLIST CODE to receive a 30% discount off the prices listed online.

Finding your perfect lipstick colors starts with a Personal Color Consultation.

Contact a HOUSE OF COLOR consultant near you to make your appointment for this life-changing service.