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Want that effortless put together look? That look that has high impact with minimal effort.  Want the tools that will help you build an incredible wardrobe suited for any occasion your lifestyle requires?  I am here to help! and look forward to helping you start your transformation!



Color and Style analysis will identify your best colors and most flattering fits; amplifying the natural beauty you already possess, while honoring your body’s architecture. Knowing your season and what colors make you shine is a game changer.  Understanding and honoring your body’s unique and beautiful build will free you from buying things that look great on other people but leave you feeling stuck!

You will leave your analysis appointments with information and tools to build a wardrobe with colors and styles that LOVE and work for YOU!  You will FINALLY stop looking at a closet full of clothes and saying, “I have nothing to wear!”

It’s easy to look put together when your clothes, makeup and hair color harmonize and your clothing works with you!  I bring positive fun energy to each color and style appointment.  Following your analysis, you will feel confident and empowered!  You will look beautiful and refreshed!  You will be radiant and will glow from the inside out!

I am so excited for you to experience the services I offer at House of Colour NE Seattle!

Book your appointment today and get ready to receive COMPLIMENTS!

What our clients say

    • I had my first (group) color analysis in 1984 with CMB, and I was found to be a Jewel Winter. Now, at the age of 67, my skin seems paler and my hair is now threaded with silver (sounds fancier than grey, doesn’t it?) Clearly time for a color rerate! This time I chose House of Colour, based on all the wonderful feedback from so many of my friends in the Kettlewell Colour Club.
      I was fortunate to find the extremely talented and vivacious Lindy Day from House of Colour NE Seattle (USA). I warned Lindy at the onset of our session that I can’t always ”see” the changes to my face and complexion that different colors can make. Lindy was incredibly patient, and she draped and redraped and draped again all my Winter colors until I was able to see for myself the changes that my wow colors made to my face, my hair and even to my antibiotic-stained teeth!
      I am so grateful to Lindy Day because I can now purchase new season items and colors with great confidence!
      I wholeheartedly recommend Lindy to any who might be considering an initial color analysis, or a re-rate…you’ll be glad you did!
      P.S. -I forgot to add that I am now a Sultry Jewel Winter, and I am just thrilled!

      K. W.

    • I can not believe the difference a color makes! My color analysis was so much more than I thought it would be! When I look in the mirror I am surprised by the lifting and brightening that magically happens when your clothing and makeup colors are RIGHT!  I am energized to put all I learned from my color session to use.  Lindy is a delight to work with, she is so welcoming and informative.


    • An investment in myself that pays back in dividends!  My experience spending 90 minutes focused on myself was so positive and fun.  My color analysis with Lindy at House of Colour Seattle was so much more than finding my “colors”.  I feel more confident and my inner voice is much kinder than it used to be, I am more self accepting for sure! This is an experience I would highly reccomend.

      Alisha Y.

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