Abi Spencer

I'm Abi Spencer: former shy girl, daughter of two teachers, wife of one wonderful guy, mom of three adventurous boys, lover of double macchiatos and franchise owner of House of Colour South Tulsa.  I have always been drawn to beauty.  My very first job was selling Mary Kay - ha!  I loved having a table of women in my parent's home teaching them about makeup.  Now, I am doing it all over again with even better products and science based knowledge that informs every color decision I make.  

I spent a decade having little boys, and I can't even believe it when I say that I feel better than ever.  It's not about the perfect outfit, body, accessory: it is about accepting a deep confidence that you have a beauty to offer the world.  I hope that ten years from now, I look even more like myself than I do today! Color and style work beautifully together and the understanding of it only grows with time. Your journey will be just as meaningful if you embrace it. What a joy to get to call this my job!

I love being the franchise owner of House of Colour South Tulsa. As a former shy girl, I understand all kinds of people.  It is important to me that you feel welcome and comfortable in my studio; you may very well walk out a different person. My studio is waiting for you!

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