Catherine Arpey

The first 20 years of my life I could best be described as your super-sporty friend, most comfortable in soccer shorts, cleats, and a red-and-black jersey (Go Dawgs!) …. Like most women, I was heavily influenced by what my friends were wearing and experimented with whatever was trending. Anyone else remember rocking Express black stretch pants and Steve Madden platforms? Ah, the 90s.                                                                             

So how did I get here? I spent most of my professional life working in Brand Marketing on a variety of consumer brands, like Goody Hair Products. At Goody I developed an eye for detail and deeper understanding of color – how it interacts with its surroundings and influences mood and perception. Now as a House of Colour Stylist I can blend my love for color and business expertise in a new way, helping you choose colors that complement your skin tone, hair color and personal style to enhance your natural beauty!                                                                                                                                                                                                   

I believe the way we feel about ourselves is important. When you have confidence, you show up differently and it changes how you approach your day and how you connect with the people around you. When you feel good, you can care for others better too. I know this firsthand. My color and style analysis came as a gift shortly after giving birth to my second child, who was born with physical differences. The knowledge and confidence I gained transformed my attitude so much that my husband and I agreed that being a part of House of Colour was the right fit for me!                                                                                                                                                         

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