Emily Scheve
Wake Forest, NC
Expertly Trained Stylist & Color Analyst

Emily Scheve

Wake Forest, NC

Emily Scheve

Can getting ready for the day be a challenge?

Do you find yourself surrounded by clothes with nothing to wear?

Do you struggle to know if what you are wearing is right for you?

These questions and more are things we talk about in a Color and Style Analysis! Both color and style have an impact. Knowing the colors that best harmonize with your natural coloring, as well as style that honors your body architecture, are great tools to celebrate and enhance your God given beauty! It makes getting ready for the day easier and is a great boost in confidence knowing that what you're wearing suits you, both inside and out!

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What is Color Analysis?

Color Analysis is a process using color theory, your natural coloring (eye color, skin color, hair color, along with the undertones of your skin), and our precision dyed drapes to determine a range of colors that harmonize and enhance your natural, God-given beauty. Based off of Johannes Itten's work with the color wheel, personal color analysis can be traced back to the 1940s film industry and is still used today, in Hollywood and in everyday life!


What is Style Analysis?

Style Analysis is a process to discover how your body architecture, lifestyle, and personality help to inform a style of clothing that naturally suits you - giving you freedom to dress in a way that honors you, both on the inside and the outside, regardless of what fashion trends are doing.


Nice to Meet You!

Hi! I'm Emily and I'm so excited to be here (and I'm excited you're here too)!

My color journey started in 2017, when I got my colors done and discovered my season. I was fascinated from the beginning and took my time applying all I learned in my session.  My interest in the process for color analysis grew and grew and in May 2022, I started House of Colour - Wake Forest. It has been an amazing joy meeting and getting to know my clients and empowering them with the knowledge of the power of color and style! 

A little about me : I'm married to the most amazing man. Quality time and gifts are my love languages. I have lots of hobbies and like to learn new things. I love a good story - book, movie, TV show - love them all! Before HoC, I was in full time ministry for 17 years, wearing many hats from Missions to Creative Projects. I love to laugh, have fun, and celebrate people. I am a creative at heart and love how House of Colour brings together many passions in my life and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share them with others!

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