Holly Bernatz

Transformative. Life-changing. Empowering. Confidence-boosting.

Sounds like some really big words for this little thing called "color", right?  Actually, no! 

As a graphic designer, I played in the world of color and style for over 20 years.  I often joked that I had the best job in the world; I was a professional kindergartner- I got to color and draw all day long and have a blast doing it.  Truthfully, I've spent countless hours consulting clients on topics like color theory and color psychology.  But, my personal knowledge and experience with color stopped at the proverbial corporate front door.  I knew how to build brands, but struggled with my own identity in color.  It was a confidence-blasting juxtaposition to know so much about corporate color theory, but to not know how to get dressed in the morning and feel confident in my choices.  

Enter my own House of Colour experience.  I had a color and style analysis a little under a year prior to opening my own franchise.  My only regret is not knowing about HOC sooner.  I would have saved so much headache and money in clothing and style choices that simply didn't fit my season or personality.  After my transformative experience, I knew I needed to share this with others who, like me, felt like they were grasping at thin air when making wardrobe decisions.  My House of Colour experience finally gave me permission to be authentically me- someone who lives best in cool and bold colors with a style that is well, a little quirky!

Your investment in a personal color and/or style analysis will empower you to make decisions that not only streamline your wardrobe but also assist in making smart investments in your clothing, accessory, and makeup choices. You will learn so much about the colors and styles that allow you to shine! I promise you will fall in love with your color season and clothing personality.

I offer individualized color analysis and comprehensive style consultations in my South Metro (Farmington) studio by appointment and in various spaces throughout the Lakeville, Farmington and Burnsville area.

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