Janelle Martinson
Cottage Grove, WI
Expertly Trained Stylist & Color Analyst

Janelle Martinson

Cottage Grove, WI

Janelle Martinson



Be authentically you is what I want to do for you.. That being said I love to talk color and dogs..Offering Colour and Style Analysis in East Madison and Stoughton Janelle

When I decided to embrace my natural hair color, I knew my camo was not bringing out the youthful look, so I fod House of Colour.  After having my colors done, I knew I had to learn how to share this amazing feeling I had when those perfect colors were draped.un

I am honored to be able to help everone embrace their best colors and style throught science and fun!  It amazing to see you discover the magic colors can do,

A safe space for all genders and LGBTQ+ 

Can’t wait to see you in my chair to share this amazing journey with you!!!


Location: 213 S Division St Stoughton or 4090 Vilas Rd Cottage Grove

Contact Information:

608.219.0296 or janelle.martinson@houseofcolour.com

Hours: 9:00 to 4:00

"Color is a power which directly influences the soul"

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Contact me for additional calendar availability, including setting up special event for large groups!

Get dressed every day with purpose, ease, and JOY! A color analysis provides you with life-changing information. Using precision-dyed drapes and my extensive training I will prove to you the value of knowing your season; a palette of colors customized to your unique undertones. We apply this information to women, men, and children of all races, ethnicities, and genders. Your season will never change so this is information you can carry with you for a lifetime.

There are three parts to every color session. First is our world-class, scientific draping process that we have refined for excellence and accuracy over the past four decades. Next, I will provide advice on jewellery, watches, glasses, and when applicable: hair and makeup based on your season. Our makeup products will take the guesswork out of choosing colors that highlight your natural beauty. Finally, we'll dive further into your season and choose the best colors for your casual and professional life, discovering your list of WOW colors.

You will leave your appointment with a fan of your seasonal swatches and a brochure full of tips and reminders specific to you that you can reference later to make shopping and wearing your new colors a confident experience!

You should arrive at your analysis free of spray tans and makeup for optimal accuracy. No pictures will be taken without permission, nor are they shared on social media without your consent.

Discover the science behind personal style by unlocking the power of you. During a style analysis, I'll teach you how to combine who you are with how you dress so you can step out into the world looking fabulous as your authentic self. We consider your proportions, personality, and preferences to give you a style framework- we call this a “Clothing Personality. You will confidently know which fabrics, prints, patterns, and accessories, necklines, details, and silhouettes flatter your unique body architecture best. Because we factor your personality into this framework, our style analysis goes a step further to help you identify how you feel in different styles and pieces so your clothing not only looks great but also represents who you are.

For this appointment, you’ll bring 5–10 items from your closet that you LOVE and 5–10 that make you wonder why you don’t feel good when putting them on. We'll use this information to help you discover why you gravitated toward and loved certain pieces and what it is about the others that weren't working for you, so you save time and money in the future! At House of Colour, we believe clothing needs to be adjusted to you, not the other way around. It is our goal to make sure you feel your most confident as who you are and how you look right now.

You’ll leave with a book with detailed information specific to you that we'll fill out during the appointment and a Clothing Personality card with keywords that will help guide you when shopping. If you've already had a color analysis, this card can be inserted into your fan which will make shopping easy and efficient!

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