Kim Musalek

I was a reluctant spring, and although I didn’t initially love my season, I could see the difference when I was wearing it!  I believed in the science of House of Colour and their process!  I changed my makeup and soon lightened my “autumn” hair to a more “spring” red!  Once I had style done, I was SOLD.

All of the new knowledge I now have made shopping fun again for me.  I was able to clean and purge my closet.  I have boundaries and guidelines while shopping, so I don’t overspend.  And for the first time in my adult life, I have a closet that coordinates….. I feel like I have that “put together” vibe.  I actually love what’s in my closet and getting dresses again.  The process is empowering… and I want everyone to experience it!

Not only do you learn so much…. But you will also love your experience in the studio!  It’s not just a process….it’s an EVENT!  Come and let me spoil you!

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