Lexi Sherrod
Tyler, TX
Expertly Trained Stylist & Color Analyst

Lexi Sherrod

Tyler, TX

Lexi Sherrod



Picture this: You walk by a mirror, smile at yourself, and think “WOW, there I am!” That's it! Your God-given beauty deserves to shine and it will through discovering your own personal colors and style!

Who knew you could LOVE every single piece of clothing in your closet?

You were created on purpose for a purpose!

Your color and style analysis journey will empower you to start showing up in the world authentically in a way that others take notice.

You are worthy of walking joyfully and confidently in your unique and perfect design! 

We’ve had the joy of seeing thousands and thousands of women, men, and children transform through their own journey. The before and afters speak for themselves.You get to be next!

You get to be next, friend.

  • Don’t worry:  I’m not going to take away colours and say you can’t wear x,y,z. 
  • However: You will walk away with the knowledge of colour theory and with your own eyes you will see how impactful just the right colors are for your skin tone.

We are not the color police, we are your cheerleaders!

You will wear what you feel confident in! And I’m here to help you discover your absolute BEST in colors and style! 

Yes, please! I'm ready! 

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