Tracey Moys

When I was growing up as a young girl in Tennessee, I had no idea what life had in store.

I certainly never imagined that by the age of 32, I would have served 10 years as a Naval Officer and emigrated to the UK to be a wife and mother. Even more unimaginable was that by the age of 44, I would be a widow and a mother of two daughters who would embark on business ownership.

I found House of Colour when I was 40. 

My marriage was beginning to come unstuck and I had spent almost no time in my life really contemplating what I wanted. I fell into the trap of putting my children needs and husband’s requirements before myself, never considering that taking care of others necessitates taking care of oneself.

I booked my color analysis with some money gifted me by my mother. It was a wonderful afternoon, which I shared with a dear friend. It was such a novelty to have something tailored for me that lasted well beyond the afternoon. The next year brought my style consultation and I understood a lot more about who I was inside.

In 2018, I was unexpectedly widowed and I knew that I needed to show my daughters that I was a strong, resilient woman.

So, I jumped.

Without even working out the details (like childcare!), I applied for and bought my House of Colour Franchise. I wanted to be part of the organization that was, and continues to be, such a positive force for good in my life and the lives of others.

What I thought was the end of the journey was actually only the beginning of more self-discovery.

I went to training thinking that what I wanted was to help clients look and feel amazing, because we can learn what to buy and how to dress to represent who we are. What I have discovered is that my passion is helping clients, particularly those who feel diminished by the outside world, to celebrate their uniqueness without asking permission of anyone, and to dress that person joyfully.

Then I jumped off the deep end again! 

When we discovered in 2022 that both of my teen daughters had additional support needs, I decided that I needed to move us back home to Tennessee to be near family.  So here we are, back in East Tennessee all the way from Cornwall, England!

No matter where in the world I am (or where you may be) I want to empower you to evolve stylishly from the outside in.

Your journey may be a winding road, full of pitfalls and unexpected changes of direction just like mine, but I will be there to walk beside you and encourage you every step of the way.

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